Juan de Fuca Cottages on the Olympic Peninsula
182 Marine Drive
Sequim, WA, 98382, United States
(360) 683-4433
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The sunset tonight was simple and serene - the exact way I like to think of summertime!  No problems, no agendas, no time constraints - just relaxing and enjoying God's beauty unfold.  Today is August 31 - tomorrow is September and the busy-ness of fall and school and work wil soon consume each of us....  so thankful for a moment to just sit and watch and to contemplate life.....  so good for the soul!

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I look at the clock and realize - the sun has already gone done!  Drat!  Honey will you drive with me down to Cline Spit to take pictures???  (it's a half block away - hah!  but I wanted to go quickly)  As I hop out of our van - the sun has already sat but the afterglow and show is just begining - and sitting on a rock right in front of me is this baby seagull.  Now, seagulls and I are not on great terms right now as one has made a nest next door to the Cottages and the constant CONSTANT cawing has been driving me batty the last two weeks - so seeing a seagull doesn't make me jump up for joy - but this little guy just insisted I take his picture - and posing this way and "oh, how about if I turn my beak this way?"  hahaha...  too cute and a fun picture!  Oh - and thank you , Tom for being my chaffuer!

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Just a smooth-as-glass kind of afternoon on Dungeness Bay!  Perfect for kayaking!

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And dinner is in the bucket!  Yummy Dungeness Crab - and a big Red Rock crab as well.....  mmmmmm  good!